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2019 Northwood Nash 26N

2019 Northwood Nash 26N

The Nash 26N is basically the same floor plan as the Arctic Fox 25Y, built by the same company, but around $10,000. less money. You still get Northwood;s quality and durability with a lighter, shorter trailer. The 2019 model Nash products went thru a major refinement, both inside and outside. The new Aerodynamic front contour will give you less wind drag going down the road, for increased fuel savings. They also added shocks on all wheels. Interior improvements consist of bigger 7 cu ft refrig, better cabinets, furniture and mattress. stainless steel appliances are also new for this model year. We added a LED porchlight with bluetooth speaker. Now you can stream your favorite music right to this. Also added, is a 32" 12V LED TV, up-grade 15K A/C, fan vents in bedroom and bathroom, and did I mention, THERMAL PANE windows. This is important, since the rear lounge area has SO much window area, thermal panes will moderate both the heat and cold intrusion that you get with single panes. Please contact us for more info. We have been selling the NASH products since 1997, and we know them inside and out.

$39,461 $29,800

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